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singerscallebook-newfontSinger’s Call: A Choctaw Journey Through the Apocalypse

Available October 2016 at

Are you listening? Called forth by mysterious drums that reverberated deep in the ground, swarms of ancient vampires were released from their earthly prison. To survive the apocalypse, Dr. Everly “Ever” Rose Thompson turns her back on a lifetime devoted to science by finally accepting her gifts as a Choctaw healer. Tormented by a frantic need to find her family, Ever begins a perilous journey across the ruins of North America. When a chance encounter brings her face to face with the enemy, she discovers an unlikely ally and a secret that could hold the key to humankind’s survival. Can Ever accept help from one of the very creatures who destroyed her world in order to save it, or will the secret perish with her?

The Bringer Trilogy has a map!


I’m happy to share the map that will be in the final book of my epic fantasy series, The Bringer Trilogy! Having grown up with the art of the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, I’ve always wanted to see a map of Lynden and Jonathen’s world. I hope it helps readers follow their journey.

Live Long and Prosper, J.R. 

Bringer of Lore


Bringer of Lore launched in February 2016. You can find it at or at Reader’s World in Lee’s Summit, MO. Here’s the blurb:

Having liberated her kingdom from the influence of the Dark Mage Mercer, Lynden chases down her torturer. Forced to enter a foreign court as a noblewoman of Arten, Lynden battles intrigue and politics to discover Jazmin’s intended target. Culminating in a deathly trial set by the mad prophet, Lynden must keep her friends alive and reach a book meant only for her. But time is running out.

I am currently prepping my plot for the final book in the Bringer Trilogy for Camp NaNoWriMo in July. It should be out in Winter 2017. I’ve ordered a map, so I will post it soon!

Live Long and Prosper, J.R. Boles

Review of Kyra Halland’s Beneath the Canyons: Daughter of the Wildings Book One


Book Blurb: Cowboys and gunslingers meet wizards in this high fantasy set in a world inspired by the American Wild West. Silas Vendine is a mage, a bounty hunter authorized to hunt down renegade wizards. He’s also a freedom fighter, committed to protecting the non-magical people of the Wildings from the overreaching ambitions of the mages. It’s a dangerous life, and Silas knows it. Still, when he comes to the town of Bitterbush Springs, he finds far more trouble and excitement than he bargained for…

Silas is on the hunt for a renegade mage who has brought Bitterbush Springs to the brink of open warfare. In the aftermath of a shootout, he meets Lainie Banfrey, a young woman who is both drawn to and terrified of her own developing magical abilities.

Silas and Lainie team up to stop the lawless mage who has torn Lainie’s hometown apart. Their hunt takes them deep beneath forbidden lands held by the hostile A’ayimat, where only Lainie’s untamed, untrained gifts can save them from the rogue mage and the dark power he has discovered.

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: Five Stars – highly recommend

Similar Authors: Bandon Sanderson, Mercedes Lackey

Review: This book had me from page one. It has fantasy, mystery, and western with a great romance plot throughout. The intrigue kept me turning the page, and the well-developed characters made me care about what would happen next.

The plot was evenly paced, and it pulls you along to the end where you will immediately need to buy book two. There are western shootouts and farm hands looking out for their boss’s daughter. There were other magical races with an interest in one of the main characters. And there is a romance that changes the course of two character’s lives.

Lainie is a well-developed character with layers and competing motivations. She’s stubborn and loyal as all heroes tend to be. She’s not one to wait around to be rescued, but if she does need help she joins in to help her would be rescuers. She’s spent her life being told that magic is bad and Mages are soulless, but she believes in herself and trusts her instincts in the face of all she has ever been taught. She’s young and naive, but also strong and insightful.

The magic system is well thought out.  The magic has a color/essence and leaves an energy residue. It also has a cost and can be depleted. An overlord style mage council controls the bloodlines and procreation of Mages. The Mage School is used to break them and remake them into something unrecognizable. I can’t wait to learn more about the secret council, and the underground movement to protect plain folk (muggles).

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Brandon Sanderson’s The Allow of Law.

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