Successful Author Event at Mysteryscape


This past Saturday, I had my first solo author event and book signing for my epic fantasy novel Bringer of Light. There were a little over 30 people that came out to hear me speak and support the book, and I am happy to report that Mysterscape sold out of my book! I had the pleasure of calling iUniverse this morning to order more paperbacks because the only copy left in my house belongs to my husband (and he is not sharing).

It was my first time talking about the book in public, and it was good practice for the three book clubs I will be speaking at in the next couple of months. I am very grateful to everyone who came out to the event, and frankly overwhelmed by the support of the Kansas City Theta and PEO chapters that promoted the event. Thanks again for buying my book!

Live Long & Prosper, JR Boles

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