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The Bringer Trilogy Omnibus

Love Epic Fantasy? Strong Female Leads? Looking for a new world to get lost in? The Bringer Trilogy is the journey of a young woman as she comes into her power in a country where revealing her magic could risk everything.

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Are you listening?

Called forth by mysterious drums that reverberated deep in the ground, swarms of ancient vampires were released from their earthly prison. To survive the apocalypse, Dr. Everly “Ever” Rose Thompson turns her back on a lifetime devoted to science by finally accepting her gifts. Tormented by a frantic need to find her family, Ever begins a perilous journey across the ruins of North America. When a chance encounter brings her face to face with the enemy, she discovers an unlikely ally and a secret that could hold the key to humankind’s survival. Can Ever accept help from one of the very creatures who destroyed her world in order to save it, or will the secret perish with her?

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A Boy with No Name…A Girl with Too Many.

Iris Pentagen’s life is a ticking bomb—she has to die on her seventeenth birthday. Her death will be short, but long enough to pierce the veil and open her eyes to the spirits around her. With enemies circling in to control her and harness her power, she’s on the run to survive. 

Knick is a shadow—an elite knight born to protect Iris—and he will stop at nothing to keep her alive even if it means defying his masters within the Order of Shadows. At odds with the Order and chasing down leads to determine who is behind a series of attacks on Iris and her family, Knick and Iris discover that their bonds are stronger than ever…but will they be strong enough to withstand the unimaginable power awakening within Iris?

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