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“Bringer of Light is a great example of your classic epic fantasy story without being stuffy and stereotypical. You have battles, heartache, journeys across the land and a horde of interesting characters to boot. If you love Fantasy, as J.R. and I both do, then you will certainly enjoy this new story!” Writer vs the World blog review


“I love the strong female characters and the great friendships they forge on their travels. Add in some beautiful imagery and J.R.’s great imagination and you have yourself an adventure of epic proportions.” –

“High Fantasy with Magic, Action, Political Intrigue, and Romance. I liked the first two books in this trilogy so much, and the final installment is my favorite.” 5 Star Review


“From page one, Singer’s Call is an intense, gripping paranormal. Ever is both a well-rounded, believable heroine and a freaking badass, and I loved seeing her return to her Choctaw roots. The world of the book is hostile and convincing down to the small details, with the grittiness balanced by the warmth of human connections and loyalties. Once a certain character was introduced, I honestly wasn’t sure how this one was going to play out, and I loved the way it did!” – 5 Star Amazon Review 

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